Research Reveals Blackcurrants’ Benefits for Digestion and Fighting Cancers

Anthocyanins, found in blackcurrants, have shown to increase the levels of healthy bacteria in the gut and have an 'anti-tumour' effect on some cancers.

Anthocyanins are the natural compounds which give blackcurrants their characteristic colour. Research demonstrated these anthocyanins help increase levels of Bifidobacterium in the gut (healthy bacteria) helping to maintain the healthy functioning of the digestive system and reducing gut inflammation, vital for health, weight management and disease prevention.

Results from an April 2016 study, testing the anti-cancer activity of blackcurrant polyphenol extract, demonstrated that blackcurrant extract has an 'anti-tumour' effect and helps to decrease the size of gastric and oesophagus cancers.

The full article can be found here, on the Blackcurrant Foundation website.